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A Magic Holiday in Trentino

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A few steps from the ski slopes

Our Family Hotel is located in Polsa (Trentino), in the Brentonico, Polsa and San Valentino area and  just a few steps from the ski slopes. Over 40 km of perfectly groomed slopes await you, a breathtaking panoramic path and a wonderful view of Garda Lake and the Little Dolomites. Immerse yourself in nature with Fabilia and taste all the magic of our All Inclusive Experience Free drink & Food 24h!

What do we do around Polsa?

Sport, Nature, Land, Culture, Fun!

Where we are? Here we are in Polsa, a fraction of the municipality of Brentonico in the province of Trento, one of the most famous and ancient winter stages of Trentino. We are surrounded by green mountains during the summer and white during the winter. Here peace and tranquility make this place enchanted and unreal. A perfect place to enjoy a little family relaxation but also many sports activities during all seasons.

For who is a sportsman? If you are a sportsman this is the perfect place, during the summer you have the opportunity to go horse riding, hiking, hiking in the family, Sky climber, archery. While for the winter season you can indulge yourself on the ski slopes.

For those who live in the area? Starting from Polsa you can reach the Susine pasture, in the middle of the Skiarea, where you can taste specialties produced with the milk of the cows that graze happily in the summer in the pastures. Once you arrive, to welcome you there will be dishes that are mouth watering. Do you already want to taste them?

Nature, Culture and Fun!

For those who love nature? Polsa di Brentonico is immersed in the nature reserve of Monte Baldo, you will be immersed in nature and in a fairytale landscape that stretches from Lake Garda to the Dolomites.Beautiful walks await you in every season throughout the Brentonico area and then reach huts and farms that offer the opportunity to learn more about the nature that surrounds us and the animals that live there.

For those who want + Culture: But also art and culture are not far behind. In fact, the elegant palaces that, with their elegance, enrich the old town and are surrounded by the Palù park by the majestic poplars are famous. Palazzo Eccheli-Baisi, for example, was built at the end of the sixteenth century by unifying some pre-existing medieval buildings. Today it is home to the Fossil Museum and the Brentonico Botanical Garden.

For those thinking about the fun? Do not forget to have fun and laugh, just a few kilometers from Polsa you can find:

- Family Adventure Park, amusement park for the whole family, just 1.9km.

Bambine in Piscina
In the landscape of Polsa, immersed in nature all year round

The tourist offer satisfies both youngs and olds, from winter sports to summer nature excursions.
The nature reserve of Monte Baldo boasts winter snowy peaks and beautiful landscapes with amazing views of Lake Garda in summer.




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