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A few steps from the ski slopes

Our Family Hotel is located in Polsa (Trentino), in the Brentonico, Polsa and San Valentino area and  just a few steps from the ski slopes. Over 40 km of perfectly groomed slopes await you, a breathtaking panoramic path and a wonderful view of Garda Lake and the Little Dolomites. Immerse yourself in nature with Fabilia and taste all the magic of our All Inclusive Experience Free drink & Food 24h!

What can we do around Polsa?

Fabilia's advises: the Castle of Avio, a powerful ring of walls, five towers, the Baronial palace, an imposing keep. The castle outside and inside is also able to show an artistic side, starting from the Baronial palace, started to be built in the late thirteenth century and finished in the fourteenth century, built according to the Veronese Gothic custom of combining the use of stone and terracotta to obtain pleasant contrasts. Visit to the Bell of the fallen of Rovereto that from its new position on the Miravalle Hill every night beats its chimes in memory of the fallen. Its size is remarkable and it is the fourth bell in the world for weight among those that sound flat. The Marzadro Distillery is an Italian artisan company founded during the immediate post-war period. The company is active in the field of grappa distillation and production of spirits with national and international distribution.


Wildlife & vegetation

The massif of Mount Baldo is characterized by a wide variety of wildlife. There are species of invertebrate animals, some endemic such as the pine beetle, which can only be found on Mount Baldo and in the Lombard pre-alps. The birds are quite numerous, and you can see species like the golden eagle, the owl, the royal owl, the imperial raven, the chaffinch, the lark, and many others. The mammals present are the deer, the roe deer, the chamois, the fox, the marten, the ermine, the marmot. Mount Baldo is also called the Garden of Europe because of its great floristic heritage. Thanks to its very varied morphological characteristics it has various climate zones, and each of these has a diversified vegetation.


bambina Playground
Bambino e Snowboard
In the landscape of Polsa, immersed in nature all year round

The tourist offer satisfies both youngs and olds, from winter sports to summer nature excursions.
The nature reserve of Monte Baldo boasts winter snowy peaks and beautiful landscapes with amazing views of Lake Garda in summer.




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