Agri-Ristò Malga "Le Susine" in Trentino

The First Family Hotel with Agri-Ristò & Free Bar on the Ski-Runs

Malga Susine on the snow

Directly on the ski runs

Malga Susine by fabilia® is a small mountain hut with Agri-Risto, solarium, and alpine hut. It’s a place full of tradition and warmth, with the fireplace crackling all day long and the nice smell of a hot soup. The refuge is the ideal place to have fun and rest with your family between skiing, savoring the flavors of Trentino cuisine and sharing the warmth that only a place like this can give you. It is located 1350m high, and can also be reached on foot in about 60 minutes from the main road along a snow-covered path. It has a large terrace-solarium with a 360 º view of the Dolomites.

Malga le Susine & Summer smell

Visit to the Educational Farm of Malga Susine

Malga Susine, open all year round and completely surrounded by the green pastures of Brentonico, has a farm where you can taste cheeses, meats and traditional dishes of Trentino and a shop where you can buy meats and cheeses of own production. In this place surrounded by nature there is a visitable dairy and a farm with many animals, which have always been the joy of adults and children. Here with your children you can carry out educational activities typical of this area such as the production of cheese, the path linked to milk from production to processing and there is also the possibility of horseback riding with experienced instructors.

  • Cheese production
  • Horse ride
  • milk production and processing
  • product tastings

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